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Gerard. Giant of French cinema
Dazzling as a superstar
You make the heart beat faster than sex
On the screen, you’re a God, you’re supreme.

Gerard. Every inch the movie star
Master of the silver screen
You took the stroll down film boulevard
Like a dream you were more than you seem
You were calm, you were wild
You were love, you were hate
I believe you were touched by the hand of fate.
Oh Gerard, Oh Gerard, Oh Gerard.


The Count of Monte Christo
L’homme au Masque de Fer
Christopher Columbus
The Return of Martin Guerre
Danton and the Green Card
A true Renaissance mix
One Hundred and Two Dalmatians
Asterix et Obelix.


You starred in a play
At the Theatre Madeleine
Now they say that your career
Is floating down Le Seine
You once made hits of classics
From Racine to Rabelais
Now your critics say they’ve proved
That you’ve got feet of clay.


Gerard. They say you’re now a businessman
That you’re spending too much time at your vineyard
At Chateau Tignes in the Loire
What’s your crime? You’re a money machine
You own clubs, you sell food, you sell wines
No time left to learn your lines
Oh Gerard, Oh Gerard, Oh Gerard

Copyright 2005 words & music by Monique & Nigel Jones

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