[Photo] Monique

"Pissed on Pastis"

Verse 1

I tried the wines of Bordeaux,
Splashed out on magnums of Chateau Margaux,
Champagne and chablis and vintage sancerre,
Even crates of the commonest vin ordinaire,
White wine from Vouvray and rouge from the Rhone,
But everything tasted like eau de Cologne.
I still went home alone and never got kissed
Till that one fateful day in a café in Nice
When I got pissed … on pastis.

Chorus 1

I woke up slowly, my head really hurt
My mouth was dry, my muscles inert.
Then feelings returned and my heart gave a skip
When I saw all the handcuffs, the leather and the whip.
After one fateful day in a café in Nice
I had just spent the night as a dominatrice
First time I was pissed … on pastis.

Copyright 2004 words & music by Monique & Nigel Jones

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