[Photo] Monique

The Musicians

I recorded the new album with an energetic band of internationally acclaimed musicians and a wonderful studio engineer. I am in their debt.

Jerome Davies: double-bass player and multi-instrumentalist who can also be found playing double bass, trumpet, harmonica and percussion. He co-produced and co-arranged the album.

Jean-Victor de Boer: French drummer and percussionist.

Dominic Grant: Jamaican jazz guitar specialist.

Jenny Carr: well-known jazz and blues pianist.

Janet Beale: accordionist and flautist and one of my longest-standing musical collaborators

Campbell Burnap: swing trombonist, bandleader and broadcaster.

Nigel Jones :my long-time musical partner, who has co-written all the original songs and translations, co-arranged and co-produced with Jerome, and played piano and keyboards on many of the tracks.

Nick Taylor: owner and genius recording engineer of Porcupine Studios, Mottingham, London, (020 8857 2761).