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Monique has broadcast live on radio and television. These include

BBC Radio 4: Woman’s Hour with Jenni Murray
BBC Radio 2: with Sheridan Morley
BBC Radio London with Vanessa Feltz
LBC with Sandi Toksvig
Most BBC & commercial regional stations
TV6–Oxford television

Monique was invited onto Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour for a discussion with Jenni Murray and Kate Sanderson about whether Frenchmen are better lovers than Englishmen. Monique is married to an Englishman and Kate was engaged to the Frenchman P Y Gerbeau. Monique’s final remarks were used as one of the Woman’s Hour highlights of the week. But they were part of a deliberately light-hearted discussion, and were only meant to be a bit of fun!

Asked by Jenni whether it was a myth that Frenchmen are better in bed, Monique put her tongue firmly in her cheek and stirred things up a bit. Here is some of what she said:

"The Frenchman expects a lot from his woman. In France still the woman has a big place in the home and the Frenchman expects his wife to be both his mistress and his housekeeper. She must be able to swap roles effortlessly.

The Frenchman is a better seducer. He looks at you as if you were the only one who counts - while eyeing another woman across the road!

The Frenchman will take you out to a lovely restaurant and ply you with beautiful food, wine and flowers. You would have a fantastic time whilst all the time his eyes and words play the seduction scene. Whereas, the Englishman may invite you to the local pub, buy you a lager and say “OK, your place or mine? And shall we grab a quick takeaway?”

But better lovers? Mmm …. I don’t know!"

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