[Photo] Monique

Different shows

The Shows

World music, French chanson, jazz, cabaret and comedy. Monique’s shows are performed regularly in:

  • Festivals
  • Theatres and concerts halls
  • Intimate Cabaret venues
  • French clubs
  • Educational shows
  • Corporate entertainment
  • Charity gigs

Monique is touring with her new band in a celebration of Mediterranean (French, Corsican and North African) culture and music in a show for the English.

If you like the music of Pink Martini from the States, Paris Combo from France, I Muvrini from Corsica, Paolo Conte from Italy and Souad Massi from Algeria, and the comedy songs of artists like Victoria Wood, Flanders & Swann, Dillie Keane and Kit and the Widow, then this show is for you.

The new show is cross culture world music with jazz and French chanson. It is sung in English, Corsican, French and Arabic. It is sophisticated and, in places, funny: classic old French chanson like Boum from Charles Trenet in a reggae arrangement, exposure for the North African and wider Mediterranean influences on Corsican music (Monique is the only singer currently promoting Corsican music in Britain), Monique’s jazz-influenced comic songs all about life, sex and food in France and some of her darker songs of love and Mediterranean betrayal such as In the African Sun sung in English and Arabic.